Who are we?

We are Italians, we are friends, and we love Italian food. A few years ago, it became our practice to gather on a regular basis, almost every week to bond over Italian food in various Italian restaurants. This is simply traced to how we Italians are hardwired as we always make it a point to eat the food that we’ve grown up in.

In our weekly get-togethers, we found that Italian restaurants here in our country taste almost the same and do not have the richness of genuine Italian cuisine. The restaurants that we serve really good Italian food can be quite pricey. From there, we realized that we should build our own restaurant that will offer Americans with hearty and delicious Italian fare that is definitely affordable.

We went to Italy for two things – find our Italian roots and study the cuisine. We looked for the best Italian dishes and learned how to cook them, in the authentic Italian way.

Then we came back and established Le Papillon Park.

We became known through word of mouth, for the kind of food that we offer. Plus, our restaurant has been established in a beautiful setting, a wonderful park that our customers love.

Le Papillon Park has now been in business for 10 years. We continue to take our business seriously and we hope to continually improve our services. We also hope to open several branches in 2018 to bring you Italy closer to you.

This website has been created to showcase what Le Papillon Park offers. We hope that you will explore this website to see what makes us stand out from the competition. We hope to see you soon in our restaurant enjoying the wonderful food that we have especially prepared for you.

Contact us

We would love to know your thoughts and feedback about us. Rest assured that we will definitely take actions on your concerns.

Just send us an email at feedback@lepapillonpark.com. To know more about us, kindly leave your message at and we’ll get back to you immediately. For your bookings and reservations, just call us or send an email to reservations@lepapillonpark.com.