Le Papillon Park


Welcome to Le Papillon Park Restaurant

Many of us love Italian food. We go to Italian restaurants to fulfill our cravings. Unfortunately, most restaurants just serve the same kind of food over and over again. They do not have the exquisite Italian cuisine that evoke the genuine taste of Italy. In order to satisfy our cravings, we result to just cooking our own Italian dishes at home to eat with our families and friends. During celebrations that we hold in our carriage-house garage door in Nevada, we bring out not just pizza and pasta but meat and fish dishes cooked in the Italian way.

Le Papillon Park is simply set apart from all other Italian restaurants. Here, we make sure that you will be satisfied — from the menu, to the ambience, and the memories that you will definitely enjoy in our restaurant. We make sure that we cater to all of your demands as it is our goal that you get the full Italian restaurant experience.

How do we do that?

Visit and dine in Le Papillon Park, and discover the good service, food and ambience that we offer. You can create your memories here, we capture your photos and we hang it in what we call our Tree of Memories so you can always see it whenever you visit us. Look for our Tree of Memories which you can find in the small park right beside our restaurant. Visit us often so that you can have lots of photos adorning our beautiful tree.

About Us

We are Italians, we are friends, and we love Italian food. A few years ago, it became our practice to gather on a regular basis, almost every week to bond over Italian food in various Italian restaurants. This is simply traced to how we Italians are hardwired as we always make it a point to eat the food that we’ve grown up in.

Le Papillon Park has a delectable authentic Italian cuisine. Its unpretentious and quaint ambiance makes it more fascinating. The park is relaxing. After you dine, you can go there and enjoy the scenery like you're in Italy. I definitely love it there.”


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We would love to know your thoughts and feedback about us. Rest assured that we will definitely take actions on your concerns.

Just send us an email at feedback@lepapillonpark.com. To know more about us, kindly leave your message at and we’ll get back to you immediately. For your bookings and reservations, just call us or send an email to reservations@lepapillonpark.com.