“Le Papillon Park has a delectable authentic Italian cuisine. Its unpretentious and quaint ambiance makes it more fascinating. The park is relaxing. After you dine, you can go there and enjoy the scenery like you’re in Italy. I definitely love it there.”


“We finally got the chance to dine in Le Papillon Park. The restaurant is quite far from our place but, it is definitely worth it. I have to tell you that the place and food is excellent, after experiencing it. I will definitely make a reservation there for my birthday.”


“I’ve heard a lot about Le Papillon Park. This is the reason why I chose to hold our wedding reception in this venue. I’ve already tasted their cuisine, it is surely delectable. I recommend this restaurant.”


“Excellent staff, premium dishes, captivating place, appropriate price, Le Papillon Park has it all. I will go back to this place and bring my family with me, so that they will experience it. My children will surely love the park.”


“I had fun at Le Papillon Park. The ambiance is Interesting. I originally lives in Italy, and I’m here for my job. When I visit this restaurant, I feel like I’m in my country. I really enjoyed the food, much better from others. Thank you Le Papillon Park, you truly bring out the Italian taste.”


“A friend recommended this place. We were skeptical about it but she tried to convince us, so we decided to go and give a try. Surprisingly, Le Papillon Park gave us full satisfaction. The park is definitely relaxing, the giant tree is eye-catching, the photos of customers made us want to go back so we can have more of our photos hanged. Visit this place and see for yourself.”


“The menu and wines are extensive and their staff are friendly and accommodating.”


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