Welcome to Le Papillon Park Restaurant, a great place to create wonderful memories!

Welcome to Le Papillon Park Restaurant, a great place to create wonderful memories!

Many of us love Italian food. We go to Italian restaurants to fulfill our cravings. Unfortunately, most restaurants just serve the same kind of food over and over again. They do not have the exquisite Italian cuisine that evoke the genuine taste of Italy. In order to satisfy our cravings, we result to just cooking our own Italian dishes at home to eat with our families and friends. During celebrations that we hold behind our carriage-house garage door in Nevada which we recently had installed by a1garage.com/las-vegas, we bring out not just pizza and pasta but meat and fish dishes cooked in the Italian way.

Le Papillon Park is simply set apart from all other Italian restaurants. Here, we make sure that you will be satisfied — from the menu, to the ambience, and the memories that you will definitely enjoy in our restaurant. We make sure that we cater to all of your demands as it is our goal that you get the full Italian restaurant experience.

How do we do that?

Visit and dine in Le Papillon Park, and discover the good service, food and ambience that we offer. You can create your memories here, we capture your photos and we hang it in what we call our Tree of Memories so you can always see it whenever you visit us. Look for our Tree of Memories which you can find in the small park right beside our restaurant. Visit us often so that you can have lots of photos adorning our beautiful tree.

What kind of food do we serve?

Le Papillon Park specializes in different types of Italian pasta, pizza, breads and wines. We cook your food according to age-old recipes that have been tried and tested from generations of Italian cooks. We also offer specials which we change on a weekly basis in order to give you a lot of choices. This practice allows us to spice up our menu and make sure that you never get bored with what we have to offer.

What are the other services of Le Papillon Park?

Le Papillon Park accepts wedding receptions, birthdays and any other events. We have an amazing event venue that can cater to all of your events. It can house a large number of guests and we can even open our park for you if you would like an outdoor venue. You have the choice to either book our events online or you may want to visit us and we can personally discuss your requirements. We will be happy to do our best to meet them.

Another great thing that we are happy to offer our customers is our friendly, trustworthy and hardworking personnel. Our people are happy to cater to all of your needs and make your dining experience at Le Papillon Park simply the best.

Enjoy our services, bring your loved ones and visit Le Papillon Park to experience the Italian food and ambiance that will make you think of Italy.