When non-Italians talk about Italian cuisine

When non-Italians talk about Italian cuisine, they usually think of pizza and pasta. Note, however, that these are not the only kinds of food that make up Italian cuisine. There is a wide range of dishes that Italy offers — from snacks, to wines, desserts, and up to main courses, they definitely have a lot.

Italian people, like us, tend to be patriotic, when it comes to food. We prefer to eat and cook our own dishes. Aside from simplicity, technique and passion are inherent components of Italian cooking. Italian cuisine is quite easy to cook, but it needs quality ingredients in order to taste like the real thing.

Majority of people around the world love Italian dishes which are very much connected to their strong family culture. Italians are known for spending long hours on the dinner table as we consider meal time as our bonding time for the entire family. Italian family meals consist of apertitivo or appetizer, antipasto or before-meal dishes, primo or first main course, which is often served with pasta, risotto and soup. Secondo, the second course, are usually made up of meat and fish dishes, contorno or side dish. Formaggio e frutta is the first round of dessert which includes cheese and fruits. The second round of dessert is called dolce and oftentimes includes, cookies and cakes. To round up a meal, coffee or caffe is served, but others wants liquor for their last round, referred to as digestivo.

Italian restaurants are spread all over the world. However, most of them can be quite pricey. So, when you get a chance to go to Italy, don’t forget to splurge on our mouthwatering food. Nothing beats genuine Italian cooking, right? Italian food is not only nourishing but also comforting and pleasurable. I personally love Italian cuisine.

I hope this blog will give you a little knowledge about the taste of Italy.